How To Build A Camp Safe Gun Rack

How To Build A Camp Safe Gun Rack

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Learn How To Build A Camp Safe Gun Rack?

How To Build A Camp Safe Gun Rack

Knowing how to construct a camp safe gun rack helps to save you some money. You must treat every firearm like it is loaded.

The numbers of guns are more than the available rack spaces in camps.

For not more than $50 on materials and two hours of your time, you can build a rock-solid 18-gun rack that holds every long gun firmly but enables you to access your guns easily whenever you need them.

Materials for building a gun rack are usually purchased from a typical hardware supply store. Two principle parts are the 5/4 ? inch-thickness rounds. The rounds are sold pre-cut to buyers, to provide them with an affordable and time-saving alternative to making them.


Gun Rack

Materials for building a camp safe gun rack

  • Wood filler
  • Two 4″ diameter PVC toilet flanges
  • One container PVC glue
  • 12 upholstery tracks
  • One 1-1/4″ x 24″ diameter wood round
  • One 1-1/4″ x 18″ diameter wood round
  • Ten 1-1/4 construction crews
  • 6 feet of 1″ foam pipe insulation
  • 8 feet of 1/2″ diameter cord or tubing
  • One 4″ diameter, schedule 40 PVC pipe section.
  • Sand paper
  • Satin finish polyurethane
  • 1/2″ wood screws; 1/8 lb


  • Hearing protection
  • Box cutter or knife
  • Gloves
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand saw
  • 2″ hole saw (door knob hole saw)
  • Eye safety glasses

Also, there are different types of gun racks;

  • Eight rifle gun rack
  • Rifle wall rack
  • Four rifles wall rack
  • Rifle and gun rack
  • Rotary rifle rack
  • Free standing rifle rack
  • Wooden gun rack
  • Wall mount rifle rack
  • Handgun Rack
  • Rotary handgun rack
  • Ammunition box
  • Rifle rack

Steps to building your camp safe gun rack

STEP 1: Deeper recesses reduce firearm firmness. Cut recesses around the perimeter of the smaller wooden round. The cuts hold steady the guns at the top.

Mark the perimeter of the round at 3-1/2 inch intervals, so you will end up with 18 all around spaced marks (half in each direction reduces compounding error). At every mark, place the whole saw guide 1/2 inch from the edge. This will create a half circle cut out.

STEP 2: There must be enough room for scopes and rear sights to fit under the top round as the length of the pipe can be adjusted. The PVC pipe should be cut into a 32-inch length.

STEP 3: Put in the PVC toilet mount flanges centered on both the 24-inch rounds and 18 inches using 1-1/4 inch screws to protect each flange.

STEP 4: Open the slit on the foam insulation and put it around the external part of the 24 inch round so that the insulator slips over the wood, forming a C-shape. Protect one end with two upholstery tacks, and then slightly stretch the insulation to complete a full circle and tack the other end in place similarly.

Fill the back tacks with 12-inch intervals at. Then, slip the 1/2 inch cord under the top of the insulation. The insulation will firmly and securely hold it in place.

STEP 5: Glue the PVC flanges and pipes together. Your rack is ready for use. Use wood putty to fill in all the nail and screw holes/ sand before you finish your rack. Paint or stain to suit your taste.

Once you've completed your camp safe gun rack (if you've sprayed with paint, keep it outside to dry for a bit before taking it indoor) you can now start mounting your hunting guns survival machete in it.

You can also have it decorated in a way to make the gun rack 'hidden in plain sight'. For instance, you can have the rack covered with a bookshelf or a cup/plate rack. This would keep eyes off the guns in the rack.

Having a camp safe gun rack can make your trip a lot more reassuring. You'd have your firearm readily available for deployment when you need to hunt or when you need to fend off wild animals (bears come to mind).

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