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Can't Win Em' All...

Written By Angelo Bodetti on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If you read the entry for Day 3 of "The Long Con" you see that a few Jacks showed up to eat during the daily feeding. This got me very excited because Bowfishing a large Jack is pretty much the reason I even started The Long Con experiment...

At first pass 3 very large Jacks shot by the feeding area incredibly fast. I had no chance to even draw the bow, let alone get a reasonable shot off.

Although I was very excited and waited patiently for their next pass.

After about 5 minutes one Jack came back on his how. He wasn't moving slow but not particularly fast either.

I drew my bow and took a shot.. BANG... Nailed it in the tail. The arrow went clean through and the had a very large Jack on the line!

Immediately the line started pulling out of the AMS Reel. Even though I had the trigger down, the Jack was far stronger than the tension in the line. I grabbed the line by hand and tried to pull it in, but even that was hard. I quickly wrapped the line around my hand as I tried to pull it in.

After a foot or two pulling it in, I have some slight rope burn on my hand and the Jack managed to rip off the line.

Below is a picture of what was on my line after the Jack worked his way off... Jack (pun intended) sh!t...

This was a very exciting and disappointing few minutes. This is now the second larger (I was able to get a smaller) Jack in 2 weeks that I shot and wasn't able to get on land. At this point I am not even sure if I could even shoot and get a larger Jack on shore without it working it's way off the arrow.

I will look into different arrows and see what I can find.

I show this Jack with my Cajun Sucker Punch Bow that I modified with an AMS Retriever Pro Reel. I use the standard Muzzy arrow.


About Angelo Bodetti

I am an avid technology nut as well as an outdoor enthusiast and lifelong wrestler. I teach myself how to do everything from making my own Hyperspin Arcade setup and use a bow for Bowfishing.


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